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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I buy Atmosphere?

During the initial launch, Atmosphere will be available in batches of limited quantities. Batches are first-come-first serve and they sell out fast! To get exclusive notifications ahead of time for future batch drops and Atmosphere availability, join the waitlist!

Do you ship worldwide?

Atmosphere ships anywhere in the United States. Worldwide shipping details are still pending, so please join the waitlist and let me know where you are located!

Is payment required to join the waitlist?
What if I change my mind?

Nope! No payment info is necessary to join the waitlist. Joining the waitlist just notifies you once Atmosphere is available for purchase.

Is Atmosphere a guitar / FX pedal?

No. Even though Atmosphere looks and operates very similar to a guitar pedal, Atmosphere is rather a standalone instrument. You don't need to (and can't) plug your guitar into Atmosphere.

Is Atmosphere a MIDI / DAW remote control?

Nope! The beauty of Atmosphere is that it is a plug-and-play standalone instrument! That means, you don't need a DAW, computer, or sound module in order to use Atmosphere to generate sounds!

What power supply does Atmosphere need?

Atmosphere has been revised to be powered by a standard ("Boss style") 9V power supply.

I already use my phone / tablet for pads.
Why would I need Atmosphere?

If you're already using pads, then you already know how awesome they are! Using a mobile devices is a great way to get started, however, you've probably already ran into some of the problems that goes along with using mobile devices for pads:

- Mobile devices are not hands-free (poking around on your screen is kind of distracting).
- It's easy to forget your phone on stage and miss out on important texts.
- Lots of adapters are involved.
- Maybe you'd rather use your device for chord charts / lyrics.
- You're at the mercy of your battery life.
- Apps can crash and have bugs, especially with each new OS update.
- etc.

However, Atmosphere is hands-free, plug-and-play, simple, reliable, compact, and cool.

I already use multitracks / backing-tracks on a DAW.
Why would I need Atmosphere?

Multitracks / backing-tracks are awesome! Atmosphere pairs nicely with a multitrack setup, especially in churches. Even when a set is perfectly planned and programed, there are just some moments you can't plan for. Atmosphere allows you to easily bring pads and soundscapes to these moments. Atmosphere also ensures smooth transitions and fills the 'dead space' for those songs you don't have tracks for (or just didn't have enough time to set up).

Can I add my own sounds to Atmosphere?

Absolutely! Even though Atmosphere ships preloaded with 5 amazing ambient pad patches, you can easily load your own sounds! Bringing your own sounds to Atmosphere is as easy as connecting it to a computer via USB and dragging and dropping WAV files into folders (just like a flash drive).

Can I adjust the crossfade time and volume?

Yes and yes!

Why should I join the waitlist?

Two reasons:

01. You'll save $10 off your purchase!
02. You get exclusive notifications for the time and date of batch drops and Atmosphere availability!

I have an idea / suggestion to make Atmosphere better.

That's technically not a question, but I'd love to hear your suggestion! YOU are the reason I built Atmosphere, so I'd love to hear how I can make it better for you!

If you're experiencing any issues or finding anything to be confusing – then I definitely want to hear about it so that I can fix it or make things more clear. The firmware of Atmosphere is updatable, but currently no updates have been released. Please use the link below to send me a message, or email me at contact@aerospaceaudio.com

How do I get in touch for help with my Atmosphere?

For warranty / repair, please use the link below to send me a message, or email me at contact@aerospaceaudio.com

How do I ask a question that's not already listed above?

Easy! Feel free to click the link below to send me a message, or email me at contact@aerospaceaudio.com

Atmosphere v2 starts
shipping mid-October.


Available in limted quantities.