A foot-controlled instrument that cues immersive pads & soundscapes.

Meet your new copilot.

Atmosphere is a beautiful instrument that will inspire and equip you to perform your best and explore new sonic horizons.

Goodbye awkward.
Hello smooth.

Everyone hates an awkward transition. Atmosphere glues your set together by replacing awkward silence with immersive textural soundscapes.

Enhance your sound.
Engage your audience.

Have you ever struggled with confidence and inspiration? Atmosphere cues immersive pads and soundscapes that instantly add dimension and character to your sound.

Ready when you are.

Are you tired of wasting time and energy setting up an expensive complicated system only to cue the same boring pads you've used for years?
Do you often skip using pads because "there's not enough time to set it up" or "it doesn't seem worth worth the effort"?
Atmosphere is plug-and-play and sets up in seconds.

Atmosphere is simple.

01. Select a patch.
02. Select a key.
03. Press Engage.
Seamlessly crossfade between patches and keys by pressing Engage again after cueing up a new selection.
Press Abort to smoothly fade to silence.

Designed for the stage.
Inspired by space.

Atmosphere is preloaded with the iconic Atmosphere Soundpack, which features 5 unique patches named after and inspired by the layers of Earth's atmosphere.
Additional user sounds or AeroPads can easily be loaded on Atmosphere to expand your sonic arsenal.

Build setlists.

Use Setlist View to build thoughtfully crafted sets with seamless transitions and intentional flow.

Bring your own sounds.

When you connect Atmosphere to a computer, it shows up like a thumb drive. Loading new sounds is as easy as dragging-and-dropping files.
With 64GB of space, you can load up to 50 unique patches (which is up to 600 unique files).


Customize labels and LED colors to match user-loaded-sounds for easy navigation and creative expression.
Atmosphere will automatically sync labels and colors to match when a new AeroPads Soundpack is loaded.


Fine tune Atmosphere's settings to your unique preferences such as Output Volume, Fade Time, Screen Rotation, and more.

For every musician.

Pads and soundscapes are a versatile accompaniment to any style of music. Whether you're a soloist in a coffee shop or a band on stage, Atmosphere will take your sound to the next level.

Mono or stereo.

Equipped with two standard 1/4" outputs, Atmosphere detects whether one or two cables are plugged in. A mono or stereo signal is then sent accordingly.

Handbuilt by a human.

Each Atmosphere is handbuilt by the designer (Isaac) in the Pacific Northwest. 🌲

Reserve yours today.

Starting at $299.
Atmosphere is in high demand and low supply. Pre-order yours today to receive it as soon as possible.