A simple foot-controlled instrument for ambient pads and soundscapes.

Aerospace Audio inspires and equips
musicians to create, perform, and explore.

Enhance your sound.
Engage your audience.

Every musician battles the problems of a boring mix and awkward dead space in their set. Atmosphere solves these problems by being the simplest way to add character and dimension to your sound with pads and soundscapes. The result is a more immersive mix that engages your audience and makes you more confident.

For every musician.

Pads and soundscapes are a versatile accompaniment to any style of music. Whether you're a soloist in a coffee shop or a band on stage, Atmosphere will take your sound to the next level.

Ready when you are.

When it comes to choosing a device to cue pads and soundscapes, there is a clear winner. Atmosphere saves you time and let's you focus on more important things... like your music.



Compact design

Hands free operation

Low profile on stage

Two standard 1/4" output jacks


Takes time to setup and program


Not hands free (without extra equipment)

Takes extra space on stage

Additional software required

Mobile Devices

Additional adapters required

Low battery issues

Not hands free

App crashes


Using Atmosphere is simple.

1. Select a patch.

2. Select a key.

3. Press engage.

You can seamlessly crossfade between patches and keys by pressing engage again after cuing up a new selection.
Press abort to smoothly fade to silence.

Designed for the stage.
Inspired by space.

Each Atmosphere pedal ships preloaded with 5 unique patches named after and inspired by the layers of Earth's atmosphere.

Each patch contains high-resolution, stereo tracks in 12 keys that can accompany nearly any arrangement.

Bring your own sounds.

When you connect Atmosphere to a computer, it shows up like a flash drive. You can load your own WAV files by simply dragging and dropping them into folders.

You can load up to 600 WAV files (10 banks x 5 patches x 12 keys).

Mono or Stereo.

Equipped with two standard 1/4" output jacks, Atmosphere detects whether one or two cables are plugged in. A mono or stereo signal is then sent accordingly.

Additional Features
Adjustable crossfade & fadeout time
Adjustable output volume
Bank selection (10 banks of 5 patches)
Cut Mode (ability to instantly cut in and out of sounds)
Additional Specs
5.7" x 4.7" x 1.5" die-cast aluminum enclosure
Powered by a standard 9V ("Boss style") power supply (not included)
Micro USB port (for loading sounds & firmware updates)
OLED display
64 GB of storage

Handbuilt in the Pacific North West.


Available in limted quantities.