Headphones+ Full Screen is recommended for an accurate and immersive previewing experience.


Spacey ambient pads & soundscape.

Simple and effective.

AeroPads are ambient pads and soundscapes that enhance your mix and engage your audience.

Cueing AeroPads is the simplest way to boost creativity in the studio and your confidence on stage. Your songs will instantly sound better and fuller whether your a soloist or full band.

Creative and intentional.

Most pads out there are either stale and stagnant or crazy and obscure – not AeroPads.

AeroPads are the perfect blend of creativity and intentionality. There is just enough harmonic and textural movement to enhance your mix without being muddy or fighting your song. They are designed to be versatile across many genres, styles, and arrangements.

Helpful for transitions.

Everyone hates an awkward transition. It's uncomfortable and destroys both audience engagement and musician confidence.

Transitions within a setlist should be smooth and seamless. By using AeroPads for transitions, you will replace the disorganized sound of turning pages and tuning guitars with the immersive sound of ambient pads that keep your audience engaged and musicians confident.

Many ways to cue AeroPads


An immersive app for cueing pads¹
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A foot-controlled instrument for cueing pads
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Your favorite DAW.
¹ New patches for the app can be purchased in-app. Due to the nature of in-app-purchases, the purchase of online WAV files are not transferable to the app (and vice versa).



Five unique pads inspired and named after each of Earth’s atmospheric layers.
Preloaded on Atmosphere!


Lush • Vibrant • Lively


Airy • Bright • Nebulous


Cool • Brisk • Icy


Warm • Amicable • Dynamic


Spacey • Quirky • Resonant
Each pad includes 10+ min files in 12 keys (WAV + MP3).
Headphones are recommended for previewing.

Full Soundpack

Pre-loaded on Atmosphere!
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Atmosphere is preloaded.

Atmosphere comes preloaded with the Atmosphere Soundpack. Atmosphere is a plug-and-play foot-controlled instrument for cueing pads and soundscapes.


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